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Case Study

You are on duty as an Intensive Care Paramedic in a busy urban station, manning a double-manned ambulance with a Paramedic colleague. At 1505 you receive a call to attend a child who is unwell. 

On arrival

On arrival at a suburban residence, you are met by Samantha, the mother of Jack. She is very upset, and pleads with you to help her child. She tells you that she is finding it hard to wake him, and that he wasn't like this earlier in the day.


  • Jack is a 3 year old boy, who has a 2 day history of fever and feeling unwell (coghing, runny nose)

  • He has been shaking the past few hours.

  • He is drowsy and listless on initial impression.

Primary Survey

  • Airway - clear, patent

  • Breathing - rapid, shallow. Rate 55bpm.

  • Circulation - Strong peripheral pulses, flushed skin, capillary refill time normal. Rate 170bpm, regular.

  • Disability - listless, irritable & drowsy

Secondary Survey

  • On physical examination, you note that Jack is flushed, with no obvious rash visible on his thorax, abdomen or back.

  • He has no neck stiffness or photophobia.

  • He is pyrexial at 39.7C.

  • His BP is 112/50

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