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Identification & management of life threatening menigitis 

Meningitis is a major cause of mortality in children in the developed world but aggressive treatment of severe cases can lead to an improvement in outcome (Thorburn et al, 2001).


Often, shock and raised intracranial pressure associated with meningitis are not recognised early enough.


Sometimes, the severity of the illness is recognised but the management provided is not aggressive enough.


It is extremely important for paramedics and student paramedics to be aware of the early signs, as prompt action can save lives.

Learning Objectives


By the end of this module, the student will be able to


  1. Describe the epidemiology of meningitis

  2. Describe the pathophysiology of meningitis

  3. Describe the assessment process for a patient with meningitis

  4. Outline the signs and symptoms of meningitis

  5. Describe the management of a patient with meningitis

  6. List the infection control precautions required when dealing with a patient with suspected meningitis

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